My Mental is a programme of the SA Federation for Mental Health. SAFMH is the largest national mental health organisation in South Africa. Our focus areas are:

  • The implementation of national awareness campaigns,
  • Empowerment of mental health care users and mental health organisations nationwide,
  • Advocating for the human rights of mental health care users and
  • Mental health research and information management

The National Office engages with government and other organisations in the mental health sector – nationally and internationally – with the aim of creating a society in which mental health and the wellbeing of mental health care users receives the attention they deserve.

SAFMH has 17 Mental Health Societies located across South Africa, providing community based mental health services, as well as about 100 member organisations affiliated to the Casual Day Project from all 9 provinces.

SAFMH created My Mental as an online information resource to support, educate and empower South African youth with regards to mental health and wellbeing.